Killem Dafoe's Slasher Vol 3: The Ultimate Horror Experience

Killem Dafoe's Slasher Vol 3: The Ultimate Horror Experience

Are you a fan of horror movie soundtracks? If so you will love Slasher Vol 3 by Killem Dafoe. Slasher Volume 3 is based around Killem Dafoe's love of dark theme music that draws you in. So with Slasher series he wanted to capture the essence of this sound. 

What do you get in Slasher Vol 3 

Slasher Vol 3 will take your beat making to another level. With 10 spine-chilling compositions specially crafted with the producers in mind who make gritty and dark music. Slasher Vol 3 also includes tracked out stems for each sample so the beatmaker can get surgical with their chops or even just use one sound that catches their ear.

What makes Slasher Vol 3 a must-buy for Hip Hop Producers?

If your style is making music with a darker more hard hitting edge, and love old school horror movie soundtracks then this is the sample pack you can't afford to miss. With its expertly crafted sounds, all BPM Labelled and ready to drop straight into you MPC or DAW, this pack will get you bobbing your head and people paying attention to your beats.

Experience the terror for yourself with Slasher Vol 3

Ready to experience the terror for yourself? Don't miss out on the ultimate horror experience. Get your copy of Slasher Vol 3 today and prepare to be scared like never before. Click here to purchase Slasher Vol 3 and embark on a journey into the heart of darkness.

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