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Killem Dafoe



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Sample Pack

10 vintage-inspired sounds are carefully crafted to capture the essence of late-night soul. Produced and played by Killem Dafoe using live keys, bass, and guitar, each track has been expertly produced to create a rich and emotive sound that will transport you to a bygone era.

The sample pack includes both drum and non-drum versions, giving you the freedom to create your own unique tracks. With lush instrumentation and emotive melodies, these samples are perfect for setting the mood and creating a sense of nostalgia.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are BPM and key-labelled, making it easy to incorporate them into your productions. And with 24-bit WAV formatting, these samples are compatible with all DAWs and samplers.

Guitar - Ryan Boyce - “Brothers”
Saxophone - Guidi Bucia - “The Climb”
Cover art design @artfulimagers

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