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Killem Dafoe, Beatnick Dee



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Beatnick Dee & Killem Dafoe present their first collaborative sample library

This versatile library packs 14 compositions inspired by moody 70's Library records, mellow Soul, Psych-Rock and sinister Horror OST's. It has gems for smooth soulful Boom Bap, dramatic Trap, and eerie, cinematic beats with lots of material on here with various change-ups, outros, and additional pieces of music to mess with!

Gear Used: Sequential Prophet 6, Crumar Roadrunner 2, Behringer Poly D, Fender Strat, Behringer Solina String Ensemble, Squire Jazz Bass, Epiphone Gibson Special, PRS SE Mira, Percussion - Flexatone, Tambourine, Guiro. 

Choose between the 14 original sample compositions by themselves or the compositions and stems.

Each sample is labeled with BPM and Key.

Master Clearance guaranteed. Read the licenses.

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